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We use quality aroma-oils that enhance the experience of your massage.


  • Full-body relaxation-fitenss massage (60-90 min.)
  • Individual health condition must be consulted with a therapist.
  •  Treatment time: 90 minutes – price: CZK 2,950, 60 minutes – price: CZK 2,100


  • Full-body relaxation massage (60 min.)
  •  Treatment time: 69 minutes – price: CZK 2,950, 60 minutes – price: CZK 2,100

Back massage

  • Relaxing effective massage of back with acupressure elements, unblocking of neck (45 min.)
  •  Treatment time: 45 minutes – price: CZK 1,750

Foot and soles of feet massage

  • Relaxation massage of the lower limbs focusing on the soles (45 min.)
  •  Treatment time: 45 minutes – price: CZK 1,750

Head and face massage

  • Relaxation massage of the head – hair and facial parts (30 min.). We recommend without makeup, earrings and contact lenses.
  •  Treatment time: 30 minutes – price: CZK 1,200

Abhyanga – full-body Ayurvedic massage

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage of the whole body. It is very pleasant and you will feel like reborn. Warm exotic oils penetrate deep into the body and help to release the muscles and tendons. It also very positively affects problematic skin, and together with massage also positively affects internal organs. The massage activates the entire lymphatic system, supports quality sleep, improves the condition of locomotive organs, skin and with its overall effect harmonizes the entire organism. People who undertake this massage regularly are more optimistic, healthier, efficient, and gain a detached view, so important in today’s hectic world.

  •  Treatment time: 75 minutes – price: CZK 2,550

Chocolate massage

Warm chocolate massage is a pearl among massages and beautifying treatments in the most luxurious centres and hotels. The procedure is excellent for smoothing and beautifying of skin, cellulite, mood improvement, washing away of toxic substances, relaxing of stiff muscles. The chocolate contains many useful elements for human organism:

  • Cocoa prevents the penetration of free radicals. It is harmonizing and gently stimulating. Theobromine contained in cocoa acts in a similar way as caffeine, but not as intensely; it affects vascular endings in skin and activates metabolic exchange.
  • Chocolate can stimulate creation of dopamine in brain, and release endorphins and serotonin that evoke good mood. Thanks to the chocolate massage, body absorbs vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants through skin. It has a beneficial effect on heart function and detoxification, washing away of undesirable and toxic substances.

The client feels refreshed and relaxed after such a massage. Chocolate ensures a great appearance and skin care, making it fresh and beautiful, muscles relaxed and rested. Chocolate aroma will be just an icing on the cake – welcome to the world of luxurious care…

  •  Treatment time: 60 minutes – price: CZK 2,250

HOT STONE – body massage by warm stones

Body massage by warm stones. This special procedure combines elements of Shi Tao treatment, aromatherapy and musicotherapy. Application of warm stones brings deep relaxation, the massage is carried out in two phases – the body is massaged by warmed stones and aroma oil, facial skin is completely treated by Babor preparations.

  •  Treatment time: 90 minutes – price: CZK 3,150

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