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Summer and tourism in Izera Mountains

Electric bikes

Rental of electric bikes – cycle through a picturesque landscape without toiling. We offer this service only to our hotel guests.

Price for renting of an electric mountain bike: CZK 1.200 for all day.

Our tips

Besedice – a rocky formation consisting of several smaller areas. The routes intertwine through romantic rock caverns and ravines where one might lose orientation, however, marked footpaths will guide you without any problem (28 km).

Izera river valley – Rieger Trail – the narrow gorge between Bítouchov and Podspálov similar to a wild canyon is approximately 3 kilometres long (25 km).

Castles, chateaux, ruins, caves

  • Frýdštejn – the ruin of a fairy-tale from the 14th century (Maloskalsko region).
  • Hrubý Rohozec – Renaissance chateau near Turnov.
  • Návarov – the ruins of a castle built on the rocky buttress above the confluence of Kamenice river and Zlatník brook (10 km).
  • In case of bad weather it is possible to hide underground – into Bozkov dolomite caves that are the only accessible caves on the north of the Czech Republic (12 km), or visit the Mining Museum in Harrachov and see the galleries and mining equipment (9 km).

By bike or car

Izera Mountains – named after Izera river which springs there. The highest mountain in this most northerly situated mountain range in the Czech Republic is the Smrk peak (1124 meters above the sea level). Izera Mountains was declared a protected natural area in 1967 and covers an area of 350 km2. Giant Mountains are characterised by peat bog areas, the Jizerskohorské bučiny reservation excels among many protected areas. Nowhere else you will find so many maintained observation towers.

Štěpánka (959 meters above the sea level), which is less than 800 m from our hotel, is one of the most popular destinations. Here you can find one of the most beautiful cross-country skiing regions in Bohemia – Izera Mountains Cross-Country Skiing Trail – the network of routes intertwines endless plains. Many cycling paths are marked for lovers of mountain bikes.

Izera Mountains differently – during one-day trip to Frýdlant chateau, visit the Souš Dam, see the Church of the Visitation of Virgin Mary in Hejnice. On the way back from Frýdlant, stop in Libverda Spa, where we recommend to taste the spring of the local healing mineral water at the Small Colonnade. The giant barrel, where a restaurant is situated, is only 2 km away from the spa.

Jizerka is the highest-located mountain village in the Czech Republic. Here, you will find yourself one century in the past. Visit to the local museum enables to understand the difficult life of highlanders. Nature trail around Buková mountain and peatlands will expand your knowledge about the local nature, which is best enjoyed with a blueberry cup or cake in some of the local restaurants (Panský dům is a safe bet).

Harrachov – thanks to the local ski jumps, the most famous mountain resort in the Czech Republic is visited by tourists from the whole Europe. Its location and ski lift make it a starting point for the mountain hikes to the Giant Mountains National Park. Some might be disappointed that tourism development has changed the romantic town beyond recognition, but believe that the surrounding countryside is still beautiful. Also Mumlava Waterfalls are worth a visit. In case of bad weather, you can visit a glass exhibition, including tour of glassworks, and see with your own eyes the blowing of glass. The Mining Museum will invite you to the mine adits that have been operational until recently.

Horní Pojizeří is located in the northeast. The axis of the region, Izera River with its tributaries, creates a connection between attractive tourist regions – Giant Mountains, Izera Mountains and Bohemian Paradise. The towns of Jílemnice, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Semily and Vysoké nad Jizerou are embedded in the foothills of Izera Mountains and Giant Mountains.

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