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Nordic Walking – a new phenomenon of tourism

We will be happy to lend you the poles for Nordic Walking at the reception for free.

Nordic walking is an ordinary walk with special poles. Although the name and method are simple, this new form of movement is very efficient. Finland is deservedly considered to be the cradle of this new sporting activity. Nordic Walking has developed into a popular sport in this country. The wave of enthusiasm spread throughout Scandinavia and then to Central and Southern Europe. This sport is becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries.

It is possible to walk in this way all year long, anywhere, in any age or ability, because it can be adjusted very easily to one’s own sporting level. Classic walking then becomes a very efficient whole-body training, without any special effort and requirements for equipment, leading to ideal training effect.

Nordic Walking is a very pleasant type of movement which can be practiced by anyone, by sportsmen and beginners, young as well as older persons. Most people do not walk more than one kilometre a day. Therefore it is not surprising that most people suffer from weight problems, resulting in various joint diseases. Overweight people hardly commit to running. However, they are able to practice Nordic Walking without any problem. Thanks to the poles, muscles of the whole body are exerted while joints of the lower limbs are unweighted.

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