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Body rituals

Get pampered by relaxation rituals that are the best selection from body treatments performed in luxurious SPA and hotels around the world.

Slim – treatment against cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs

Tailored treatment, ideal against fat pads, rounded shapes, cellulite and sagging skin. The treatment consists of the whole-body peeling massage, lymphatic massage of legs, reduction massages of problematic zones and wrap of problematic body parts. The treatment is not recommended to pregnant women and persons hypersensitive to heat.

  • Treatment time: 75 min. – Price: CZK 2,550

Hanakasumi ™ – Japanese relaxation body ritual

French cosmetics brand, SOTHYS Paris, introduces a new body ritual - HANAKASUMI™ for relaxation of body and especially mind. It is based on traditional Japanese rituals connected with the cleansing of body and soul. The procedure is suitable for women as well as men of any age and with all types of skin, it is especially appropriate for clients suffering from feeling of heavy legs, overall fatigue and stress. Treatment is accompanied by a pleasant aroma of cherry blossoms, which stimulates the senses and supports the induction of deep relaxation. It contains a gommage of pink powder, massage of feet – reflexology, cleaning by a gentle exfoliating towel and a massage by shea butter with Asian fragrances.

  •  Treatment time: 75 min. – Price: CZK 2,800

Herbs and Vitamin  – relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments

Herbal peeling awaken your senses and enjoy the relaxation in harmony with nature. Herbal bath and vitamin wrap, completed with applied nourishing ACE vitamin cream.

  •  Treatment time: 60 min. – Price: CZK 2,450

Cocoa intoxication – body treatment with cocoa beans

Cocoa beans give body softness, gentleness as well as many vitamins and minerals. Peeling from crushed cocoa beans gently stimulates blood circulation in skin, provides relaxation for body and mind. Cocoa beneficially affects blood pressure, cardiovascular system as well as the nervous system function. Whole-body wrap and gentle facial massage smoothes mimic wrinkles and brightens your skin. Experience the feeling of intoxication and get pampered by gentle strokes of Pacific therapy.

  •  Treatment time: 60 min. – Price: CZK 2,300

Detoxification wrap – body treatment for detoxification and relaxation

Highly effective body treatment for detoxification and remineralisation of the body, it counteracts excessive water retention, accumulation of toxins and fat pads. The procedure includes peeling with the content of red seaweed, seaweed gel enabling perfect absorption of sea active substances and the final application of the Thalgomince contouring cream with the content of seaweed and slimming herbal complex.

  •  Treatment time: 60 min. – Price: CZK 2,300



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